Whenever we buy a land, we know that the value of the land will continue to appreciate and pace of appreciation could change depending on the area that the land is located in but as a fact, we know that most of the lands anywhere around the world has the tendency to rise over time. When build a house in one of those lands, the value increases as the house also adds up to that full value. Now look at this situation that I’m relating to. You have built a house in this piece of land that you owned and you are living in it. As time pass by the furniture gets old, the walls get worn out, the colours wash out and all in all, the whole new outlook of the house will continue to disappear and that’s one major reason that the property value drops as well.I have seen a lot of people bringing down a special home stylist to get their house re-decorated and made in order.

Some people actually have a sense of design and creativity and all they would go for is the ones they see online or magazines and do the exact same thing to their house but the problem is when they add different items into the same setting, it starts to look a bit off the style and as you live in the house, that might not be quite an issue as you will not mind that tiny bits and pieces not looking quite theme like but the problem arises when or if at all you think of selling this out. You might not build a house thinking that you will sell it one day, sometimes you build up things thinking you will hold on to it forever but with time you can get better opportunities in your career, better chances at life that could actually help you to afford more luxurious things in life. then at such a point in your life, if you have used your house in quite a bad condition then you will definitely have to spend more money on a property stylist as well to sell your house.

If you are a buyer, will you ever prefer to go for a house that looks quite wrecked and old? No obviously by the looks of it, you always want to go for something that actually looks quite good. It’s not only relatable to a house, even if you think of buying a piece of second hand furniture or even a vehicle you want to check how it looks from the outside and whether it looks like it was well-maintained. So it’s very important to maintain time to time, check on any areas to be fixed and do them immediately to keep up the property value.