Living and residing in the cities of Cambodia is quite interesting since there are many options open for people to look into. The country has lot of foreigners who are working and carrying out their employment in this country. These expats and the people who are employed look around for places to live with their families and to have a comfortable life. There are people looking out for different types of apartments to settle down close to their places of work.

The metropolitan cities where all the facilities are available for these expats to live like home they are spread across these highly popular commercial cities like Phnom Penh, Siem Reap, Sinhanoukville. There are many apartments, residences and places where they could buy and lease according to their needs. The majority of the apartments are fully furnished and fully serviced apartments which are geared to cater to their requirements with quality and dignity. These places are equipped with all the resources such as many schools around the areas where children can be educated, to live a comfortable life the transportation, the supermarkets and the night market which is very attractive. Also to stay healthy qualified doctors and hospitals are around the area .Residents are advised and are covered providing security regarding theft related issues and personal security.

Looking out for places to reside

Looking at a place to reside is quite easy and guidable since you could approach a real estate company to go have a look at all the suitable apartments which fits your income and budget and also the convenience. There are fully serviced apartments with two bedrooms or three bedrooms or even as big as seven bedroom apartments .Finding these excellent apartments for around $450 a month is a possibility. These are inclusive with car parking space, fully furnished, cable TV, cleaning services and all needed day to day facilities which are of importance.

The rule in the country is that no foreigner or an expat could own or purchase property for sale in Siem Reap but looking at owning a place they could only look out for the upper floors and not the ground floor. So they could look out for condominiums which could be owned up to 70% only. However looking at long term settlements they could settle for long leases of building which could be for a round 50 years and also extend up to the same.

But these areas have lot of combatable places which could be taken with all facilities to live maintaining high standards. So looking out for all equipped villas, studio apartments and houses would be easily achievable if you go to a company who does help you out to find one, professionally assisting you with all your concerns.