If you have an elderly parent that can no longer live on their own, you will need to decide on a solution for his or her care. Of course, society expects you to take care of your elderly parents by taking them in to your home but realistically speaking, as a full time worker, this might not always be something that can practically be done and even if you do take your parent in to your home, it may not be financially possible for you to give up your job and stay home with them at all times but the alternative of leaving your elderly parent at home alone while you and your spouse go out to work is also not a great solution because this provides many risks. If your parent gets sick in the middle of the day or has a fall, they will not be able to get immediate help if they are all by themselves at home because they may not be strong enough to reach a phone and some people may not even know how to use a phone which presents safety problems leaving you and your elderly parent to look for an alternative solution. 

Elderly care institutions

It is true that elder’s homes are known to be terrible places with terrible care, places where ungrateful children dump their parents when they do not want to take responsibility however, in this day and age, these rest homes have changed drastically. You will find that there are modern homes for the elderly that are more luxurious than hotels with great facilities, accommodation and food. They will cost quite a bit of money of course, but if you are willing to pay for the great care and service, you will be assured that your parent will have the best of the best and will be very happy.

These modern, up market retirement villages are state of the art and they will let your parent pursue their hobbies and even engage in physical activity if they would like to. They will have swimming pools, walking paths, chess, painting, reading areas and every other kind of activity you can think of.

You may have noticed that some elderly people feel that they do not want to stop earning and will have been very upset to retire from their job because they want to continue working to keep them feeling alive. Many of these homes allow their tenants to continue working and earning money through the many jobs they offer within the facility if this is what they choose.